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Hydraulic Fitting

Hydraulic Fitting, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Dealers in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Perfect Hydraulics India is well know trusted brand in Pune we Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealer of Hydraulic Fitting in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We serve trusted quality Hydraulic Fitting in affordable price. We offer variety of Hydraulic Fitting that are highly demanded for industrial and commercial purposes.

We manufacturer Hydraulic Fittings best material and under inspection of our expert and give quality service to our clients as per demand and requirement.

Selection criteria & points of attention

The following criteria should be considered before selecting the correct hydraulic fitting types for your application:
1. Size: The internal and external diameter of the fittings are two important sizes to consider. These diameters of the fitting should be compatible with the hose diameter. Over or under-sized fittings can cause leakage or the connection to fail.
2. Material: The material of the hydraulic fitting should be compatible with the hydraulic fluid and with the operating environment. The most commonly used fitting materials are brass, aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. NBR (Nitrile) O-rings are the most widely used sealing materials.
3. Temperature: The hydraulic fittings should be suitable for your temperature range.
4. Pressure: The hydraulic fittings must be suitable for your pressure range, including the pressure spikes. Operating beyond this range can cause damage to the fittings.
5. Application: The type of application also determines the fitting type to be used. Tee- or cross- fittings are used for mixing or distribution application.
6. Assembly: If the hydraulic system requires frequent connecting and disconnecting of the hose or tube, the hydraulic quick-connect fittings can be used. Similarly, hydraulic compression fittings can be used to remove the need for welding or soldering of the fitting. It uses a compression nut to tighten against the ferrule creating a very tight seal. It can be used in areas with high temperatures as welded joints can leak in such environments.